Is Technology Bad for Baby?

How many of you have passed your iPhone or iPad to your baby to stop them from crying or to help pass time in a car or on a airplane? I have! But is this harmful or helpful for our babies development?
In 2011, the American Academy of Pediatrics stated that infants and children under 2 should avoid TV any other media as it could be detrimental to their development.
But have times changed that our babies should be exposed too iPads as this is what children are using in schools and what their peers are being exposed to?
The reality is that children will be exposed to our iPhones, iPads and TV because lets be honest, whatever they see us using they want. I think the key is balance of not having your baby sit and watch TV all day or use TV as a babysitter, but letting them play the FisherPrice App on an airplane wont harm you child.
Technology is here to stay and will ever be changing and effecting our children, the key is balance the old with the new.

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